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在校內埃卡德樓舉行的意見交流會上,我們進行了非常有意義的意見交流,並加深了解他們對國際教育的看法。 我們就課程、教學方法、教師和家長的彼此配合,以及營運國際學校可能出現的潛在挑戰分享見解和想法。

今年二月,杜總經理的父親杜恒誼先生,台日文化經濟協會會長,獲我國外務大臣林芳正先生嘉許,以表表彰其在促進日台交流方面多年的貢獻。 杜氏家族與日本在經濟方面建立了深厚的聯繫,友好跨越三代。






『Opinion exchange meeting held for Kyushu Lutheran International School, Primary School Division』

On March 23, Mr David Tu, the General Manager of Chien Shun Trading Co Ltd and his wife visited Kyushu Lutheran School and exchanged ideas and opinions on the Kyushu Lutheran International School, Primary School Division which aims to open in April 2024.
At the meeting held in Akard Hall, they had a meaningful discussion and gained a better understanding of one another`s perspectives on international education. They shared insights and ideas on curriculum, teaching methods, collaboration between teachers and parents, as well as the potential challenges that may arise in operating an international school.
Tu’s family has also built deep ties with Japan in the areas of economics and relationships spanning three generations.
Mr & Mrs Tu’s visit was greatly appreciated, and their insights and expertise will be valuable in helping us to identify areas of common interest.
We hope that the Kyushu Lutheran International School, Primary School Division will become a hub for global education in Kumamoto and contribute to the growth and development of children from diverse backgrounds.




3月23日(木)、台湾から謙順行股份有限公司(Chien Shun Trading Co Ltd)の杜俊賢(トウ ジュンシェン)社長夫妻、熊本出身でアップル社マーケティング本部長やエバーノート会長などを歴任した外村仁氏らが来熊。


杜俊賢氏は、長年にわたる日台の交流貢献に対して今年2月に林芳正外務大臣より表彰を受けた杜恒誼 台日文化経済協会(TJCEA)会長の子息で、祖父の代から三代にわたって日本と経済や友好において深い関係を築いてきました。